EasyVR 3

EasyVR 3 (assembly example)

The EasyVR 3 Module is a multi-purpose speech recognition module designed to easily add versatile, robust and cost effective speech recognition capabilities to almost any application.

Some application examples include home automation, such as voice controlled light switches, locks, curtains or kitchen appliances, or adding “hearing” to the most popular robots on the market.

EasyVR Shield 3

The EasyVR Shield 3 is an adapter board that brings all of the EasyVR 3 features to the Arduino platform.

Compatible with any Arduino board using UNO-R3 Shield headers, running at either 3.3V or 5V levels.



The QuickUSB is an USB-to-UART adapter cable that easily turns an EasyVR 3 to a development platform.

Tailored Solutions

We have expertise in creating custom Voice Recognition solutions. If you have specific type of solution that you are looking for that is not catered by our off-the-shelf products, please feel free to contact us at anytime.
We are always happy to assist and advice on project ideas.