EasyVR 3 & EasyVR Shield 3

EasyVR 3 User Manual 1.0.15 (Updated March 2017) NEW!
EasyVR Commander v3.12.0 (Updated March 2017) NEW!

EasyVR Protocol Header (Latest Version)
EasyVR Arduino Library v1.10.0 (Updated March 2017) NEW!
EasyVR Arduino Library – All versions (on GitHub)
Note: with Arduino IDE versions 1.6.x you can download and install the EasyVR library using the Library Manager!
The latest version will always be available directly from GitHub.

EasyVR 3 Fritzing Part (Updated Nov 2015)
EasyVR Shield 3 Fritzing Part (Updated Nov 2015)

EasyVR 3 Model – PDF 3D (Updated Nov 2015)
EasyVR 3 Model – STEP (Updated Nov 2015)
EasyVR 3 Model – VRML (Updated Nov 2015)

Yes/No Grammars for EasyVR (Added December 2015)
Home Automation Grammars for EasyVR (Added November 2016) NEW!

EasyVR Application Note – SD/SI commands and functions rev1.1 (Updated July 2016)

EasyVR Demo Code
Arduino sketches updated to recent EasyVR library versions and compatible with EasyVR 2 and 3

EasyVR Sonic Network (Added March 2016) – Video
EasyVR Sonic Chat (Added March 2016) – Video
EasyVR Home Automation (Added March 2016) – Video
EasyVR Access Control Demo (Added March 2016) – Video


Datasheet (Please see the EasyVR 3 User Manual)
Drivers (Link to OEM web site)

Previous Versions

EasyVR Commander

EasyVR Commander v3.10.0.51
EasyVR Commander v3.10.1.52
EasyVR Commander v3.10.2.53
EasyVR Commander v3.10.3.54
EasyVR Commander v3.11.0.71
EasyVR Commander v3.12.0.142
EasyVR Commander v3.7.25.0
EasyVR Commander v3.9.0.41
EasyVR Commander v3.9.1.42
EasyVR Commander v3.9.2.44
EasyVR Commander v3.9.3.45

EasyVR User Manual

EasyVR User Manual v1.0.10.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v1.0.11.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v1.0.12.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v1.0.13.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v1.0.14.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v1.0.15.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v1.0.7.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v1.0.8.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v1.0.9.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v3.6.6.pdf
EasyVR User Manual v3.6.7.pdf

Archived Files

Migrate old sketches to the new EasyVR Arduino library (external wiki)

EasyVR & EasyVR Shield

EasyVR Commander v3.8.0 (Updated November 2014)
EasyVR User Manual 3.6.7 (Updated March 2015)
EasyVR Protocol Header (Latest Version)
EasyVR Arduino Library v1.5 (Updated November 2014)
How to Interface EasyVR to a PC
EasyVR Easy example
EasyVR Footprint
Quick Synthesis User’s Manual
Quick T2SI Product Brief

EasyVR Demo Code

EasyVR2 Sonic Network
EasyVR2 Sonic Chat
EasyVR2 Home Automation
EasyVR2 Access Control Demo

EasyVR Dev-Kit

EasyVR DevKit Setup


User Manual
Quick Start Guide
SmartVR Firmware 1.01B
Quick Synthesis User’s Manual
Quick T2SI Product Brief

Old Examples

VRbot with EasyPIC5 (good starting point for every one using PIC)