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New Speaker Independent grammars for Home Automation or IOT applications!!

We just released for EasyVR users a new set of Speaker Independent grammars in US English. They were created with Home Automation and “Internet of things” in mind. They are available for free as usual from the following link: We

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QuickT2SI Tutorial Video

We made a quick video to showcase the Quick T2SI Lite software from Sensory Inc. This software allows you to easily make your own Speaker Independent Command Sets for the EasyVR 2.0 Module and the EasyVR Arduino Shield 2.0. This

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EasyVR 2.0: Introducing the custom Speaker Independent grammar feature

This video shows how to use the EasyVR Shield with Arduino to implement a simple building automation system with integrated access control based on voice password. User names and related passwords are created and trained directly within the Arduino application,

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EasyVR 2.0: Introducing the Sonic Net feature

This video shows two examples of using the Sonic Net feature: in the first example an Android App controls many EasyVR modules at the same time while in the second example two EasyVR modules communicate with each other wirelessly through

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EasyVR Shield for Arduino – Access Control Demo

This is a simple demo showing how you can use an EasyVR Shield with an Arduino to implement an access control system based on voice passwords. In this demo we use the EasyVR Commander to train user names and passwords

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Cool Voice Automated room with EasyVR module and Arduino

This demo showcases some cool ways to toggle fans and lights with voice command using Arduino and the EasyVR Module.

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EasyVR Module with Arduino (POP-168)

The EasyVR Module is designed to easily add versatile voice command functionality to robots or any other host. In this video you can see a simple example of a POP-BOT robot with an Arduino POP-168 board This video refers to

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EasyVR Module with Robonova

This is a demonstration video of how the EasyVR module works with a Robonova-I robot.  Additionally you can see how to use the EasyVR software. This video refers to the VRbot module. The VRbot is the predecessor of the EasyVR

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SmartVR DK Demo

This is a quick dmeo video showing how the SmartVR module and related development kit works. Note: The video refers to VoiceGP instead of SmartVR. The VoiceGP module and SmartVR are the same thing. In November 2011 the product line

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SmartVR Tutorial Part 2/2

The second part to Kevin Darrah’s comprehensive tutorial on how to get started with the SmartVR.

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