EasyVR 3 Gets Upgraded to Max 64 User Commands!

We just released the EasyVR Commander v3.13.0 that includes the new EasyVR 3 Firmware Revision 5.

With this upgrade we introduce support for a maximum of 64 user defined commands (divided into 16 groups, up to 32 commands per group), also available to Arduino users with the EasyVR Shield 3.

Upgrade information:

  1. Use the “Export Commands” function to save a backup of  your SD/SV commands (optional step);
  2. Erase all data from user memory, with the “Reset All” command (recorded messages and user commands will be deleted);
  3. Perform the firmware upgrade to Revision 5;
  4. Use the “Import Commands” feature to restore your commands from the previous backup (optional).

Those steps are necessary because the internal memory layout has changed and some space reserved for message recording has been traded for 32 more user commands. Please note that going back to a firmware version earlier than Revision 5 will require the same memory reset procedure.

The EasyVR 3 User Manual has also been updated with the above notes.

Visit our Downloads section to get this update!

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