EasyVR Commander v3.9.3 released!

A new software release for the EasyVR range of products is available for download.

This version includes a few minor fixes and additional support for bridge-mode flash updates on several boards with native USB serial port (the same way used on the Arduino Leonardo with mode jumper set to LEO on the EasyVR Shield 3).

Please consider this as an experimental feature, as we cannot test the software with all the available boards.

The boards now detected by the flash updater, that can use LEO update mode, are:

  • Arduino Leonardo (tested)
  • Arduino Micro (not tested)
  • Arduino Yun (not tested)
  • Arduino Zero (not tested)
  • Arduino Zero Pro (tested)
  • Arduino Due (tested)
  • Lilypad Arduino USB (not tested)
  • SparkFun Pro Micro (partially tested)
  • SparkFun Fio v3 (not tested)
  • SparkFun MaKey MaKey (not tested)

Even if some boards do not have a shield interface, they can still be connected to the hardware serial pins the same way as the Arduino Leonardo (with which they share the same ATmega32U4 controller) and used accordingly.

Boards with external USB/Serial adapters can use the regular update mode, with mode jumper set to UP.

Enjoy the new version!

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