New Release: EasyVR Commander 3.11.0 and Firmware Rev4 !!!

We just released the EasyVR Commander v3.11.0 that includes the new EasyVR 3 Firmware Revision 4.

These are the exciting new features, also available to Arduino users with the EasyVR Shield 3:

  1. Import/Export of SD/SV commands: you can copy SD/SV command definitions and training data from one module to another or just create a backup for your module;
  2. Optional Fast SD/SV recognition mode: with lower latency, it enables faster recognition response (no longer needed to switch firmware Revision 3/1);
  3. New setting for the trailing silence in SI recognition: also affecting latency, it can speed-up recognition of custom grammars;
  4. Implementation of Real-Time Lip-Sync: providing live mouth position, it can be used for animatronics.

The EasyVR 3 User Manual has also been revised and updated with the new features.

Visit our Downloads section to get this update!

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