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EasyVR Commander v3.10.2 released including new FW with Fast SD/SV recognition!

The just released EasyVR Commander v3.10.2 includes a few minor fixes and a new firmware release for the EasyVR 3 module that supports a faster SD/SV recognition. Firmware releases included in this distribution are: – EasyVR3_FW_Rev0 – Original firmware release –

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Live message recording support!

The just released EasyVR Commander v3.10.0 includes EasyVR 3 firmware Revision 1 that introduces a new great feature: audio message recording and playback!!! Just follow instructions on the EasyVR 3 User Manual (chapters “Message recording” and “Updating Firmware“) to update your

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EasyVR Commander v3.9.3 released!

A new software release for the EasyVR range of products is available for download. This version includes a few minor fixes and additional support for bridge-mode flash updates on several boards with native USB serial port (the same way used

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Introducing EasyVR 3 & EasyVR Shield 3

We are excited to introduce the brand new third generation of our EasyVR product line: the EasyVR 3! Here are the main features immediately available and also some anticipations of what will be available soon with a simple firmware upgrade.

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EasyVR 2.0 Firmware/Software Update

We have updated the EasyVR 2.0 Firmware and EasyVR Commander The EasyVR 2.0 firmware has been updated and is available with the latest version of the EasyVR Commander Installer. Full details of this release can be found in the change

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EasyVR Development Board now available!

The EasyVR Development Board can be used as an interface between EasyVR and computer and easily train the EasyVR module. The EasyVR DevBoard allows you to get started with your voice recognition project in no time. For more information about the EasyVR

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EasyVR 2.0: Introducing the custom Speaker Independent grammar feature

This video shows how to use the EasyVR Shield with Arduino to implement a simple building automation system with integrated access control based on voice password. User names and related passwords are created and trained directly within the Arduino application,

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