Where to buy?

We are always looking for new distributors who can better service customers locally. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming a distributor.


Country Company Website
Belgium Selectronic www.selectronic.be
Bulgaria Erelement www.erelement.com
Czech Republic PV Electronic www.pvelectronic.eu
Finland Robomaa www.robomaa.com
France Diltronic www.diltronic.com
France Go Tronic www.gotronic.fr
France Lextronic www.lextronic.fr
France Robotshop www.robotshop.fr
France Selectronic www.selectronic.fr
Italy Electron stores.ebay.it
Italy Inware srl www.elettroshop.com
Italy Robot Store www.robotstore.it
Russia Amperka www.amperka.ru
Slovakia RLX www.rlx.sk
Spain Microsystems Engineering www.microcontroladores.com
Spain Bricogeek www.bricogeek.com
Sweden Robotshopen www.robotshopen.se
Switzerland PLAY-ZONE GmbH www.play-zone.ch
Switzerland Selectronic www.selectronic.ch
United Kingdom Robosavvy www.robosavvy.com
United Kingdom Robotshop www.robotshop.com/uk/

North America

Country Company Website
USA SparkFun www.sparkfun.com
USA EpicTinker.com www.epictinker.com
USA Garagelab garagelab.com
USA Zagros Robotics www.zagrosrobotics.com
USA Robotshop www.robotshop.com
Canada Robotshop www.robotshop.ca
Canada eWerksOnline www.ewerksonline.com
Mexico mEleketronikos www.melektronikos.com
Mexico ElectronicaEstudio.com www.electronicaestudio.com

South America

Country Company Website
Argentina Openhacks.com www.openhacks.com
Brazil iTech www.grupoitech.com.br
Brazil Laboratorio de Garagem labdegaragem.com
Ecuador MicroCom Solutions www.microcomsolutions.com
Ecuador APM Micro www.apmmicro.com

Asia Pacific

Country Company Website
Australia IoT Store www.iot-store.com.au
India Rhydo Technologies www.rhydolabz.com
India Simple Labs www.simplelabs.co.in
India Sumeet Instruments shop.sumeetinstruments.com
Indonesia Gerai Cerdas www.geraicerdas.com
Indonesia Famosa Studio www.famosastudio.com
Japan Microtechnica www.microtechnica.net
Japan Switch Science www.switch-science.com
Singapore Channel Technologies www.channeltechno.com
Thailand Thai Easy Elec www.thaieasyelec.com